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I had a terrible time with spelling. I just could not memorize the words on the test. I had a deficit that lasts to this day. I can't remember names, dates, places, numbers, but I do understand how things work since English spelling doesn't work how could I understand it. So I set out to fix the problem when I got stuck on the word acquit. I couldn't find it on spellcheck or in any dictionary under acwit, ecwit, aquit, akwit, equit, aqwit, etc. etc. and my friends couldn't help, so I decided something had to be done; and I duned it. As they say.

This is an opportunity for spelling dumys, dumbies, dumies, dumbys, dumees, OK dummies! Good thing my program works everywhere on the computer. 

Anyway how can you rite, right, write if you don't know what 's right. Some of us are just pore, pour, poor at spelling. It is sad when spell check says its spelled correctly but it has the wrong definition. It makes us look so dumb.

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